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Bitter substances

Bitter substances are essential for maintaining an optimal health. They stimulate the digestive organs, from the stomach to the liver, gall bladder and intestines. In addition, bitter substances help to reduce the all too common craving for sweets. These aspects make bitter substances a popular classic for healthy weight loss and achieving that summer bod!

Bitter substances from vegetables have been almost completely removed from our modern diet. It's a shame, because they are crucial to being healthy.

For an optimal balanced diet with all its different requirements (e.g. different pH values), bitter substances are needed, among other things. These stimulate the work of the excretory and filtration organs, such as our liver and bile. When these purifying organs are functioning to their best ability, our health is at its best. If this is not the case, chronic illnesses can easily get out of hand.

When your body is provided with everything it needs, you will notice how much less appetite you have for industrial sweeteners. Thus, bitter substances help to  naturally support you in weight loss and in achieving your desired weight.

Give bitter substances a chance! You will feel and see the difference!

by Theresa Berles